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Portland General Locksmith Portland, OR 503-716-1399Locks are the most important security mechanisms at our disposal as they stand directly between our assets and any potential security threats. Ensuring that your lock is in good working condition and durable is important and shows that you are a responsible homeowner. Portland General Locksmith is a 24x7 locksmith firm operating in Portland, OR area and specializes in all lock-related solutions, including lock replacement and upgradation.

With rapid urbanization and the increase in the number of apartments, we have started getting many apartment lock change requests from customers across the region. Over the years, we have served countless customers with smooth lock change service and regular maintenance checks.


Repair and replacement

Over time, locks lose their vitality and begin showing signs of trouble. For instance, a key may jam in the locks or refuse to turn without considerable effort. If you are experiencing any difficulty with your locks, call our locksmith. Our technicians will examine your locks to ascertain whether it can be repaired or not. If the lock is heavily damaged or beyond repair, we will replace it with a brand-new one.

Lock upgradation

Every day, new locks are introduced in the market with stronger security features than their previous models. Locks are getting smarter and stronger to offer ultimate protection from safety threats. In fact, digital locks have started gaining mass popularity since they are now within the reach of the common man. Do you want to be the only one in your neighborhood with an outdated lock? If you haven’t upgraded your locks in years, it’s time to consider an apartment lock change service from us. We can install all kinds of locking systems, including master and digital locks, and offer regular maintenance services to ensure that everything is in order.

Security guidance

Looking for an apartment lock change but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered. Unlike regular locksmiths, we don't just provide installation and repair services but offer expert security guidance to help people choose the best security systems for their apartments. Our locksmiths double up as security advisors and can help guide you through a wide selection of locks, explain their features, and recommend the ones that are within your budget.

Emergency installation

Got an urgent requirement? Call Portland General Locksmith immediately! We are available round-the-clock and offer overnight apartment lock change service anywhere in and around Portland!

Rely on the best industry professionals for all your lock & key needs. Call us now on 503-716-1399 !